School Clothing Sale This Friday. PTO MOVIE NIGHT This Friday.

Our School

Astral is a fantastic school that thrives on a supportive community, strong staff, and wonderful students. You will immediately notice smiling faces, and students on the move. With 23 classrooms and over 500 students, there is always a lot going on at Astral.

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Mrs. Steele Recognized with Prime Minister's Award For Teaching Excellence

Congratulations to our very own Susan Steele! Mrs. Steele won the Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence.

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Hot Lunch Options

Tiny Feast is our daily provider of hot lunches for students. These meals are ordered on a monthly basis.

Check Out:

Enter our school’s secret code: 787. Click ‘Buy Lunch’, open menu planner, choose meal quantity and dates, enter child's class information, pay for order via Paypal. You will get a receipt emailed to you to confirm the transactions. Click ‘Contact Us’ if you have any questions or browser issues.

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Announcements for Fri, March 6, 2016

Lunch Duty in the office today is:  Mrs S. Bond (Ms. Tracey) Early Recess: 1. Mme Gauthier; 2. Ms. Josey; 3. Mme. Belliveau; 4. Mme Irwin; 5. Mr. Fry Late Recess: 1. Mr. Casey; 2. Ms. Grant; 3. Mme Noseworthy; 4. Mrs McCully Attendance by 8:45 please. If you are a guest teacher and need […]

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Announcements for Thurs, March 5, 2015

PTO Movie Night Friday Night- Big Hero 6   starts at 6:15 Boys Choir today at 11:30 Lunch Duty in the office today is:  Mme. Joubert Early Recess: 1. K. McGrath; 2. J. McCormick; 3. K. Irwin; 4. G. Gauthier; 5. S. Steele Late Recess: 1. T. Noseworthy; 2. S. Bond; 3. L. St. Jarre; 4. […]

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Announcements for Wed, March 4, 2015

Lunch Duty in the office: Mr. Casey Early Recess: 1. Ms. Baker; 2. Ms. Stevens; 3. Mme. Blinn; 4. Ms. Josey; 5. Mrs. Veinotte Late Recess: 1. Mrs. Moore; 2. Mrs. S. Bond; 3. Mme. Belliveau; 4. Mr. Fry 5. Ms. Clark Attendance by 8:45 please. If you are a guest teacher and need a PowerSchool Login please send a student to the office. There will […]

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Announcements for Tues, March 3, 2015

Lunch Duty in the office today is:  Mr. Aucoin Early Recess: 1. Mme McGrath; 2. Mme McCormick; 3. Mr. Fry; 4. Ms. Baker; 5. Mrs. Bergeron Late Recess: 1. Mme Babstock; 2. Mr. Casey (Mrs Leedham); 3. Mme Englehutt; 4. Mme Joubert; 5. Mrs. R. Bond Attendance by 8:45 please. If you are a guest […]

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